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Scripture Wreath for February

Love is in the air already and it’s not even February. 😍 Holy Scripture has some beautiful verses about love and I want my children to have a visual reminder that not only are they loved unconditionally by a heavenly Creator, but that we are also commanded to love one another.
I’ve gathered some of these verses and crafted a paper wreath that you can hang on virtually any surface… we’ve hung ours on doors and window frames in past years. I made a new one this year in order to make a tutorial for my InstaStories (check it out if you’d like a visual step-by-step).

I’ve created a set of PDF printables of the 8 Scripture hearts and accompanying smaller blank hearts for you to print off on whatever paper or cardstock you’d like. (Just remember to trim it to 8.5×11″ to fit it in your printer.) The smaller hearts are for you to be creative with if you want to add hearts around your wreath randomly or uniformly.

After you’ve cut out the hearts (on the inside on the line), lay them all out in the shape you’d like for your wreath. Then you can use glue dots or a glue stick to secure the pieces of paper that overlap.
Once you worked your way around the wreath securing all the Scripture hearts, flip it over and add a piece of Scotch tape to secure each heart to each other for added durability. (Add the tape where my thump is in the picture.)
Then you can start playing around with adding extra hearts (or not) for a little different look. Some larger hearts could go under while smaller hearts could go on top – it’s totally up to you and your creativity! Those can be attached with glue dots or a glue stick as well.
Then you’re welcome to hang it as is or tape some ribbon or twine to the back to hang it off a nail or hook. I pray this wreath reminds you of God’s love and our calling to love, not only this month but throughout the year.
“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.” 1 John 4:7 (NIV)

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