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Tangled – a Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menu

A dear friend of mine has been working her way through my Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menus and her daughter recently threw out a special request: Tangled.

It really couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because we’re all feeling like poor Rapunzel right now… quarantined in our own towers, cut off from the world.

And the irony that Rapunzel is the kidnapped Princess of the Kingdom Corona!?! Seriously.

So, I happily designed this menu for the film pulling some recipes from online and some ideas from my head. I’ve linked the recipes below, but in case you can’t send your tribute to the store for the ingredients any time soon, I’ve also listed a couple alternatives that use things you might have lying around.

* Rapunzel’s Golden Braided Bread – I used a loaf of store-bought Challah bread, but you could thaw out some frozen bread dough, divide it into thirds, braid it, and bake it for a more authentic look.
* Mother Gothel’s Hazelnut & Parsnip Soup. This is Rapunzel’s “favorite soup” according to the movie. There are a few recipes floating around online but this looked the most “authentic” and tasty, IMHO. (My immersion blender didn’t blend this down quite as fine as I wanted, so I ended up putting it in batches in my blender. It was worth it.)
* Maximus’ Apples – I just sliced up some Red Delicious apples.
* Fruit & Vegetable Tower Kebabs – Slice up whatever fruit and veggies you have on hand (or what your kiddos will eat.)
* “Best Day Ever” Vanilla Cupcakes with Berry Buttercream Frosting – The best days end with cupcakes in my opinion 😋 so I found this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes and this one for the Berry Buttercream Frosting (I ended up having to add A LOT more powdered sugar to mine to thicken it up, for what it’s worth).
* (Ginger) Ale (from the Snuggly Ducking, <– the the tavern Flynn takes Rapunzel to)
* … all served on frying pans – aka black paper plates with black handles

If you can’t get to a store for the ingredients for the soup (I had to go to Whole Foods for the hazelnuts), Angel Hair pasta or spaghetti would be a great substitute for the main dish portion of this meal, and it could be Rapunzel’s Golden Hair Pasta. Box cupcakes and food coloring can obviously work for the dessert too; no need to get too fancy. 😉

Enjoy! And I’ll just say that when this whole Shelter in Place is lifted, it’ll be the Best Day Ever!!

Here is a stencil you can print out to create your very own paper lantern. I just trimmed down a piece of yellow construction paper to 8.5×11 to fit in my printer and printed it directly on that. Then I used my crafting knife to cut out the stencil. You could also use scissors. Then I just taped up the ends, stuck a battery-powered votive inside, and voila! We had our own paper lantern to celebrate Rapunzel’s birthday!

** I want to give a shout-out to Jolie, the special young lady who requested this menu, who also designed her own Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menu for the live version of The Little Mermaid!… and she made it look just like my menus! 👌😍 Check out her creativity and her adorable set-up! Way to go Jolie – I bet it was delicious!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 (NIV)

1 thought on “Tangled – a Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menu”

  1. We are so excited to try the new Tangled menu!!!!! I love how this has inspired kids to get creative in the kitchen and create their own movie menus!!!


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