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Reflecting on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This weekend, we celebrate the feast day of Pentecost- the day when Jesus, newly ascended into Heaven, sent the Holy Spirit upon his apostles and us all to be with us in His physical absence. From this day forward, the apostles proclaimed salvation in Christ, baptized others in His name, and began their mission spreading… Continue reading Reflecting on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Children's Book Recommendations

Children’s Book Week 2020

Children's Book Week starts today and it's one of my favorite weeks of the year to celebrate with my kiddos. I started celebrating this week with my children several years ago because I think it's important for my kids to see that I, too, get excited about reading, and especially about reading to them. Not… Continue reading Children’s Book Week 2020

Crafts & Creative Ideas

Earth Day – 50th Anniversary

Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day, and this year, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of its inception. Earth Day is observed globally as a day to recognize the importance of protecting our planet and environment. Granted, that should be our desire every day of the year. 😉 I like to remind our children that God… Continue reading Earth Day – 50th Anniversary

Crafts & Creative Ideas

Tangled – a Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menu

A dear friend of mine has been working her way through my Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menus and her daughter recently threw out a special request: Tangled. It really couldn't have come at a more perfect time because we're all feeling like poor Rapunzel right now... quarantined in our own towers, cut off from the… Continue reading Tangled – a Disney Dinner & Movie Night Menu

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Celebrating Holy Week

We're about to embark upon the holiest of weeks in the church's liturgical season, and this year, it is falling during a time of social isolation, leaving many of us asking, "How can I celebrate this week and still feel connected?" I've pulled together a list of resources for you - a one-stop-shop, if you… Continue reading Celebrating Holy Week

Crafts & Creative Ideas

Crafting while "Sheltered in Place"

Hi everyone! I hope you and your families are staying healthy, safe, (and sane) during this uneasy and ever-changing time of the Corona virus crisis.  Welcome to my first "Craft Hop" - it's essentially a one-stop-shop for you to get some great ideas!  Since basically the whole world is stuck at home right now, this… Continue reading Crafting while "Sheltered in Place"

Children's Book Recommendations

World Down Syndrome Day 2020

March 21st is known around the globe as World Down Syndrome Day. Why? Good question! Trisomy 21, the clinical term for Down syndrome, is a congenital disorder caused by a chromosomal defect. Individuals with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome on their 21st pair, giving them 3. So, get it? Three of the 21st... 3/21.… Continue reading World Down Syndrome Day 2020

Children's Book Recommendations

Women’s History Month – Children’s Book Recommendations

For the last few decades, the United States has celebrated Women's History Month during the month of March. Why exactly...? Well, thanks to an Education Task Force in Sonoma, California, a "Women's History WEEK" was first celebrated in 1978. President Carter got wind of it and in 1980 declared it an official week with the… Continue reading Women’s History Month – Children’s Book Recommendations