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"These are a Few of My Favorite…" Books, February Edition

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While certainly not as popular as Christmas, Valentine’s Day still has a good group of books devoted to its name, and if not the holiday specifically, most assuredly about love. I bring out a sizable stack of books devoted to this topic and any other holiday (or fun-focused day) in February usually near the end of January, and I thought I would share some of our favorites with you. All of these books are geared toward younger kiddos, toddlers through 2nd or 3rd grade. Perhaps you can find these at your local library. I’ve also included a link to Amazon in the title.

Books about Valentine’s Day, Love, and Hearts

Guess How Much I Love You – This classic will never go out of style. Often given at baby showers, it reminds us all just how much (and how far) we love our kiddos. It’s responsible for the famous line, “I love you right up to the moon and back”. 
Love is My Favorite Thing – If you have a dog as a pet, this book will make you laugh out loud as you probably relate a little too closely. Plum, the dog, learns that no matter what shenanigans she got into that day, her family will always love her, and that’s why love is her favorite thing. (Cue hearts melting.)
My Heart is Like a Zoo – While this book has nothing to do with love or the holiday, it’s a fun collection of animal images made out of nothing but hearts. Animals ranging from penguins to foxes to owls, all remind us how we can be cool, crafty, or thoughtful too. It’s a great book to inspire some DIY crafting with colored construction paper to make your very own zoo of hearts. 
I Love You Night and Day – This simple book follows a bear and rabbit as they walk around nature describing their love for each other with bright descriptive adjectives (many being opposites). No matter what, they love with their whole heart. 
Hug Machine – This is an absolutely darling book about a little boy who is the “very best at hugging”. He’ll hug any and everything, thus making him a Hug Machine. Having a son whose love language is physical affection, this book makes both our hearts super happy and cuddly. 
In My Heart – The pages of this sweet book describe a different feeling and how your heart can “feel” with each emotion. It can be a great tool to teach younger ones how to express themselves and how they’re feeling. 
You are My Heart – This book puts into words all those sweet and tender moments you share with your child and how those are gifts given right back to you…. their giggles, snuggles, and wonder teach us a little more every day. 
Valentine’s Day is… – This book is a little piece of non-fiction for young ones giving some details about the history of some of the traditions surrounding Valentine’s Day. Bright colorful drawings are on each page with a few sentences of description explaining things like hearts, lace, ribbons, and Saint Valentine. 
I Love You Because You’re You – I could read this one over and over. It’s a fantastic reminder to our little ones that no matter what, we love them. It repeats the line “I love you when…” on every page, assuring children that we’ll always take the bad with the good, simply because “you’re you!”.
Books About Presidents’ Day

While Presidents’ Day (the third Monday of February) was first formed to celebrate the birthdays of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, it’s now come to be a celebration of all past Presidents. I use the extended holiday weekend as a time to (re)introduce some fun facts about these two presidents and more, while also throwing some information about the White House at them too. Here are some of our faves…
Presidents’ Day – This cute book is great for little ones in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. It follows a class of students who put on a school presentation honoring several of our most influential leaders and explain why they’re so memorable. 
Abe Lincoln, The Boy Who Loved Books – This is a great first biography for kids to read about Abe’s life and his drive to do good. 
Abe’s Honest Words – This one is great for older kids. Mixed in with a bigger and more descriptive vocabulary by the author are Lincoln’s own words. Quotes from his childhood up through his Presidency are on every page and serve as great captions for the beautifully detailed illustrations.
U.S. Presidents Feats & Foul-Ups – (This one is only available used on Amazon, but perhaps it’s still in libraries.) This is a very funny and informative collection of facts for every President up to George W. Bush. I guarantee you that you can learn something new about each President. Did you know President Buchanan was the only President who never married?
The White House, A Pop-Up of Our Nation’s Home – With intricate and delicate cut-outs, each page of this book jumps out with facts about its history and decor. This book will likely be the closest thing to a walking tour I’ll ever experience. 
Books about Groundhog Day

On February 2nd, we enjoy reading these two books…
These have more pages and more information in them making them ideal for slightly older kids (older than for the ones listed above).
Our Favorite Book about the 100th Day of School
The 100th day of school (out of 180) usually falls in February depending on holiday breaks. This is our favorite one to read when one of our kids is in Kindergarten. Each animal in Miss Bindergarten’s class (one for each letter of the alphabet, of course) brings in their own collection of 100 items. 
This is by no means an exhaustive list of children’s books apropos for the month… so I’d LOVE to hear some of your favorites or any recommendations for new ones to add to our collection. 
Happy reading!!
“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19 NIV

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