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Disney Dinner & Movie Night…. with Menus!

“Disney Dinner & Movie” Nights have become a family favorite tradition in our house. It all started many years ago when the animated classic “Lady and the Tramp” was celebrating an anniversary release on DVD and I thought it would be fun to have a spaghetti dinner to go along with a viewing. It’s since morphed into viewings and dinners with a little more detail. My kids request them when it’s been awhile since our last one, and I admit, I’m all too eager to surprise them with what I’ve got cooking (pun intended).

Disney+ is coming out in a few days, and in celebration of that, Disney is releasing a new live-action version of that beloved tale, “Lady and the Tramp”. I thought it was the perfect time to do another “Dinner and Movie Night” and to share with you some of our other favorite menus from the past. Last night, I served the spaghetti and meatballs in dog dishes I found at the Dollar Store. 😆

Hopefully, you’ll like what you see because each link below takes you to a free printable menu! I’ve explained the menu a bit as well. It may look intimidating, but it’s really not. It’s totally doable with just a little planning. And the best part is – it’s really fun and memorable for the kids (and kids at heart)! Sometimes I Google some printable coloring or activity pages from the movies to keep the kiddos entertained while I’m finishing up dinner and before the movie starts. Then, they help bring out the TV trays, and we all kick back and try not to spill on the couch.

Here was last night’s…

Lady and the Tramp
Tony’s Spaghetti & Meatballs – Nothing special here… I even used frozen mini meatballs.
 Jock’s Breadsticks – I went authentic and got the thin hard ones like in the movie.
Trusty’s Unforgettable Salad – This can be any salad you want (I went with Caesar.)
Jim Dear & Darling’s Sparkling Cider
Baby Carrots
Pound Cake – This can come from a box or the loaf from the freezer section. Top it off with sliced strawberries and whipped cream.

And here are some of our other menus from the past…


Rapunzel’s Golden Braided Bread – I used a loaf of store-bought Challah bread, but you could thaw out some frozen bread dough, divide it into thirds, braid it, and bake it for a more authentic look.
Mother Gothel’s Hazelnut & Parsnip Soup. This is Rapunzel’s “favorite soup” according to the movie. There are a few recipes floating around online but this looked the most “authentic” and tasty. (My immersion blender didn’t blend this down quite as fine as I wanted, so I ended up putting it in batches in my blender.)
Maximus’ Apples – I just sliced up some Red Delicious apples.
Fruit & Vegetable Tower Kebabs – Slice up whatever fruit and veggies you have on hand.
“Best Day Ever” Vanilla Cupcakes with Berry Buttercream Frosting – The best days end with cupcakes in my opinion 😋 so I found this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes and this one for the Berry Buttercream Frosting (I ended up having to add A LOT more powdered sugar to mine to thicken it up, fwiw).
(Ginger) Ale (from the Snuggly Ducking, <– the the tavern Flynn takes Rapunzel to)
… all served on frying pans – aka black paper plates with black handles

Peter Pan
Peter Pan’s Panko-Crusted Cod Fish – Here’s the tasty recipe I used.
Smee’s Seasoned Potatoes – Just throw some salt & pepper on some quartered red potatoes and roast ’em.
Wild Berries from the Indian’s Camp – blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries
2 Cheesy Stars (to the Right) – I used a small star-shaped cookie cutter to stamp a slice of cheese.
Lost Boys’ Trail Mix – This can be the Cheese-It brand or a granola kind… anything you like.
Michael’s Teddy Grahams – Nabisco’s Teddy Grahams
Mermaid Lagoon Jello – Blue Raspberry Jello in a clear plastic cup (with a dollop of whipped cream)

A Bug’s Life
Ants on a Log  – celery with peanut butter and raisins
 Grape Caterpillars – green grapes held together with toothpicks
Butterfly Pesto Pasta – bow-tie pasta with pesto sauce
Wormy Dirt Cups – clear plastic cups with chocolate pudding, topped with crushed Oreos and gummy worms

Beauty & the Beast
Hot Hors D’oeuvres: Petite Quiches – mini frozen quiches (from grocery store)
French Bread – from the bakery department, sliced and buttered
Soup du Jour: Ham & Bean – We LOVE this delicious recipe
French-Cut Green Beans – canned version from grocery store
“The Grey Stuff”: Oreo Pudding – boxed version, Jello Pudding

Fairy Godmother’s Fruit Wands – sliced fruit on skewers
Gus’ Honey Corn – I cook some frozen corn in a skillet with a tiny bit of heavy cream and then sprinkle it with honey until it starts to caramelize.
Carriage Wheel Baked Mac & Cheese – This is John Legend’s tasty recipe but I substitute wheel pasta.
Magic Pumpkin CupcakesThis yummy recipe is delish!

Remi’s Ratatouille – One year, I made a version that resembled the film’s, but we prefer this scrumptious recipe (with sausage and cornbread) from NYTimes
Linguine’s Linguine Alfredo – linguine pasta with jarred alfredo sauce
Colette’s French Bread – from the bakery department, sliced and buttered
Emile’s Mixed Fruit – slice up some mixed fruit
Anton Ego’s Wine (& Grape Juice)
 Gusteau’s Creme Brulee – Williams-Sonoma’s decadent recipe for Banana Creme Brulee

Winnie the Pooh
Piglets in a Blanket – little hot dogs or sausages wrapped in crescent rolls (or just buy the frozen ones)
Biscuits with Pooh’s Honey – I baked biscuits from a box and drizzled honey over them
Eeyore’s “Blue”berries
Rabbit’s Carrots
Little Red Balloons – cherry tomatoes

Jungle Book 
Ants on a Log – celery with raisins and peanut butter
Chicken Tikka Masala – We love this delicious slow cooker recipe
King Louie’s Banana Muffins – Try this sweet recipe!
Fruit Punch from the Man Village – fruit punch juice boxes
Jungle Red Vines – red licorice

I hope you enjoy these and I’d love to hear if you use them! I’d also love to hear if you have a special request… I’m all to eager to think up another menu to go along with another beloved Disney/Pixar film. Bon appetit!

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV)

3 thoughts on “Disney Dinner & Movie Night…. with Menus!”

  1. These are absolutely amazing! The menus are so perfect and it's fun for the kids to get involved with the cooking! I love the printable menus so much! They really make the night seem so special!


  2. These are so fun! My friend is getting married and is a Disney fan, so these are going to be part of her bridal shower gift! I may even take some of them for hubby and I to try! Thanks so much for these great ideas!!!


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